Rock n’ Roll. That’s what Cease & Resist is all about. Formed in Indianapolis in 2021, Cease & Resist has wasted no time establishing their high energy Rock n’ Roll sound. What started as mere guitar and drum jam sessions, once Jay Ewing started showing Chandler Pickard his original songwriting, they knew they were onto something. They recruited “Dangerous” Dan Combs on guitar and Sam “Crow” Bauer on bass, and went into the studio almost immediately to work on their debut album. The result, an electrifying mix of anthemic choruses, driving back beats, and shredding guitar solos that leave the listener wanting more. Now that they have laid out the groundwork, Cease & Resist is ready to take over as the Midwest’s premier Rock band. Raise your fist and yell, Cease & Resist is here to bring Rock n’ Roll to the next generation.


Greetings from Cease & Resist! We're keeping busy rockin' and rollin' into summer. We're currently in the process of recording our second album, so be sure to keep an eye on our vlog to see how it's progressing. Take a look at our upcoming shows below to rock with us in the flesh!



The Band

Chandler Pickard: Drums, Vocals
Jay Ewing: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Combs: Guitar, Vocals
Sam Bauer: Bass, Vocals

Contact Us

Reach out if you have any questions around booking, upcoming shows, or if you just want to say hello.